Mrs. Olexsyn – Gr. 12

My name is Bonnie Olexsyn and I started teaching in St. Louis in September, 2000.  That seems like a long time ago but it feels just like yesterday.  I can tell I have been here a long time – I am now teaching the children of the students that I have taught!  When I start teaching the grandkids, it’s definitely time to retire.  I live in Wakaw with my husband, Lyle, and my two kids, Sara and Connor.  Sara has just finished her third year of university in the College of Agriculture and Connor is completing grade 9.

This year I am teaching Math 8, Math 9, Science 9, Workplace Math 10, Workplace Math 20, Workplace Math 30, Foundations Math 10, Foundations Math 20, Foundations Math 30, Pre-Calculus Math 30, Physical Science 20, Chemistry 30, and Physics 30.  I have started Google Classrooms for all of the classes taking place this semester.  We have been working on practicing previous skills and learning new skills.  I have been posting information, worksheets, websites, videos, and games.

I have also started a Grad Google Classroom.  If any of the grade 12 class has not yet joined, please do so.

Please let me know if you have any questions with the work or if you would like to try some different skills.  Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.  My email address is or send a message on Google Classroom.

Stay safe, be happy, and I hope to see you soon!