Mr. Wilkinson – Grade 6/7 Math, ELA, Science. Practical and Applied Arts Grade 7-12

Mr. Wilkinson and his dog KatieHello everyone

Hello all and welcome to a new 2020/21 school year! Although this year will be somewhat different because of the requirements of the pandemic, it will be much better than distance classroom learning. I’m looking forward to teaching, learning, and having fun in person with the students. Please send any questions you have here:

Google Classrooms:

Grade 6 ELA:

Grade 7 Math:

Grade 6 Math:

I use Google Classrooms in most of my regular in-person classes as they fit well with the subjects that I teach. However, if we have to back to distance learning, all of the class information will be in Google classrooms and will be taught through updated bi-weekly assignments and lessons. Students can see what their classmates are doing and can share ideas and have access to all of the school division’s on-line educational resources and enables ease of log in using your child’s school division email address.